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Blogging my way to our wedding day.

104 Days to Go – Found Our Officiant! February 12, 2012

We’ve been stressing over finding the actual person to marry us for quite awhile now. For the most part we didn’t even know where to start looking. For awhile we considered having a friend that got ordained online officiate, since we don’t belong to a church, but then we realized how complicated structuring the ceremony can be and figured we might as well go with a pro and save ourselves the stress of trying to figure things out. So I did what I always do, I turned to my old buddy Google :). That’s how we found our venue, so why not our officiant?

As luck would have it, I ran into the site, which is the same site that I first saw the reviews for the Japanese garden. As soon as I saw Reverend Roy Frye’s smiling face as one of the reverends that the site was spotlighting, I knew he was our guy. Reading the info on his website just clenched the deal. We sent him our info and he gave us a call not long after.

We met with him today for coffee (or hot chocolate and chai tea for us) at Panera Bread in Aurora (he’s from Oswego). He is such a nice man 🙂 We were extremely impressed with how much information he had for us and also how he’s incorporated the internet into what he does. He will be sending us a TON of information through emails. He’ll give us some basic structure for the type of ceremony we want and we can build it the way we want using our own ideas or choosing for ideas that he sends us :). I really can’t express how impressed we were with the information he has ready for us. And although most of our info will be coming through email, he did have a decent amount of stuff set up for us in a folder along with two big wedding magazines. I thought that was such a nice touch 🙂 The Knot magazine even had a little tab bookmarking his ad hehe :).

After sitting and chatting with him for about an hour, we were 100% sure that he was our guy! And we are so excited to see how the script for our wedding ceremony comes together ❤ I can’t wait till May 26th, just 104 more days to go!!


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