Rob and Mandy's Wedding Extravaganza………….. May 26, 2012

Blogging my way to our wedding day.

81 Days to Go – Wedding Rings! March 6, 2012

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Another big item was checked off of our to-do list tonight! We headed out to Jared right after Rob got home from work (I somehow really like that place even though they have the most annoying jewelry commercials EVER). I really like that they have their lab right on-site though, which means that if we need work done to our rings it doesn’t have to be sent out anywhere and we get them back very quickly.  I had my engagement ring re-sized last year and got it back the next day, so awesome.

We found Rob’s ring first. He tried on a bunch of different styles in a few different materials that really didn’t fit the bill, but the last one he tried ended up being the winner. It’s titanium, which is pretty neat. I didn’t even know they had titanium wedding bands.

Rob’s titanium silver and black wedding band

I was sort of dreading trying to find a band to go with my engagement ring because of the unique design of my ring. It has an awesome filigree pattern on the sides, and I knew it would be difficult to find something that didn’t cover it up or take away from it. I tried on several that had diamonds on the band, but they just weren’t lining up right. Half the time there was an obvious gap between the wedding band and my ring because of the center of my ring being slightly wider than the band.  But the jeweler came to the rescue! He found me this awesome enhancer ring (that is basically two rings!) that my ring will go in the middle of. It looked so perfect when I tried it on! the band is thin enough that it doesn’t cover up much of the design of my ring, and basically makes a little platform for it. It was so sparkly and awesome 🙂 And WAY cooler than what I thought I would end up getting.

This is my engagement ring, the design on the sides is what I was worried about.

My white gold and diamond enhancer wedding band

We couldn’t be more excited!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait till we get to put these beautiful rings on each others fingers 🙂


319 Days to Go – Using Etsy for a Good Cause July 12, 2011

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Those of you that know me probably know that I’ve been making and selling jewelry for the last few years through a site called Etsy. I’ve had a decent amount of success, but I almost always use my profits to buy more supplies (except for when I bought my dog, and at Christmas when all sales go toward gifts). Well I’ve decided that I want to leave every bit of the money I make in my account until the day I buy my wedding dress :). I’ve always considered my Etsy profits as ‘fun money’, and I think this will be an exciting and guilt-free way to try and raise as much money I can to buy a spectacular wedding dress! In the last couple of weeks I’ve already been able to set aside about $40, and things should start picking up as the holidays approach.

So I want to shamelessly encourage anyone that reads my blog to check out my jewelry sites (and photography prints), please share with people that you think might enjoy them as well! I want my wedding dress to be at least one thing that I don’t have to buy on a credit card haha, and I think this “modern-day bakesale” is just the ticket

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