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343 Days To Go – Mandy/Rob: 1 – Walmart: 0 June 18, 2011

Way back in the middle of April, Rob and I were wandering around our newly renovated and expanded Walmart when we happened upon what we knew right away was a steal of a deal. They had an awesome Gold’s Gym Stridetrainer Elliptical that regularly sells for $277 on sale for $177. I’ve always wanted an elliptical, but I’ve never been willing to put out what always seems to be about $300 for one. We decided right away that buying this machine was going to be a great investment and bring us one step closer to our fitness goals.  So we head to the shelf…no machines in boxes. Lame. We track down an employee (always fun at a Walmart), and we go through several different people to find out that they are sold out except for the floor model. Rob didn’t really want to take a used machine, so the woman assured us that there were more on order and that she’d take down his name and number and hold one for him at the price we had seen. Luckily Rob was smart enough to take a photo of the price tag with his phone…

Nearly two weeks went by with no phone call so we decided to head in and see if we could get any info. We tracked down the manager and she told us that it wouldn’t be in until the first week of May but that she would still call us. We were mildly disappointed, but didn’t really expect much since it had been barely two weeks. After waiting rather impatiently, the supposed delivery day finally came but we still didn’t get a phone call. Walmart isn’t really that far away so we decided to make another trek down there. We found a nice man that said he was still unloading the truck and that he’d go take a look to see if it was on there. Meanwhile we headed up to the customer service desk and had a very annoying circular conversation in which we had to convince a woman that we did not order it online for a site-to-store pickup. During this time, the man found us at the service desk and said he didn’t see it on the truck.  They spent some time bringing it up in their little scan guns and saying that it still said it was on order but didn’t give an estimated delivery date. We started losing hope after that.

I think we ended up checking things out a little while later with a guy in sporting goods who told us the same thing, that it was ordered but no sign of being delivered. After that we more or less accepted defeat. As time went on we started considering buying one at regular price from the actual Gold’s Gym website, just to make sure we could get one. We kept putting it off though, trying to be good and save our money. Every time we would go to Walmart (which admittedly isn’t too often) we would take time to stop by the exercise equipment and then start complaining about how awful Walmart is for leading us on (especially since we could have sucked it up and bought the floor model).  Today was no different. We decided to go to Walmart to do our weekly shopping, which was sort of unusual since we normally go to Meijer. We haven’t shopped there since they completely finished the grocery department.

After we finished shopping, I posed the usual question to Rob, “well, shall we go check?” to which he said, “ya, might as well.” After getting temporarily sidetracked by $5 blue-ray movies and dodging a FAR too large tent that was set up in the middle of the aisle, we made it to the aisle that usually leaves us pissed off and annoyed. But today was the exception! Lo and behold, sitting happily on a shelf was a solitary Gold’s Gym Elliptical! We couldn’t even believe it at first, especially since a sign for the wrong item and price was in front of it (possibly keeping others from buying it so that we could, woo!) Rob went to  track down the sporting goods guy right away while I stood guard over our long-awaited prize. Funnily enough, the guy recognized him 🙂 He was laughing with us about how long we’d waiting to get our hands on that damn thing. It took him awhile to get things squared away with his manager (who didn’t look very happy about the situation LOL), but in the end we had that sucker on a cart and headed to the register. We had to deal with even more waiting while a CSM confirmed things and did all her overriding and whatnot, but we walked out of there triumphantly and really feeling like we had stuck it to ‘the man’ 🙂

Now Rob is putting the damn thing together and joking that if it was any less assembled he’d be painting it himself 🙂 I’m really looking forward to starting to work out and I certainly hope that after all this waiting and all his hard work we don’t end up hating this stupid thing!


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