Rob and Mandy's Wedding Extravaganza………….. May 26, 2012

Blogging my way to our wedding day.

135 Days to Go – The Wedding Party January 12, 2012

We’ve finally finished deciding another important part of our wedding, who’s going to stand up there with us! It’s been fairly difficult, at least for me, because the vast majority of my friends are anywhere but here. In the end I decided that it would be best to have people that are nearby rather than trying to plan too much long-distance.

So, on Rob’s side we have his brother Phil as the best man, one of his best friends Jim, and my brothers Brian and Christopher. On my side will be one of our best friends Carley as the maid of honor, another of my best friends Cory (who lives in Orlando, but picking out a tux shouldn’t be too difficult without being here…hopefully), and Rob’s two cousins Kapi and Skylar as junior bridesmaids. Another of Rob’s cousins, Lexi, will be the flower girl and my nephew Braedon will be the ring bearer (hopefully, that’s still not set in stone). We’re still trying to figure out a job for two other young boys because we don’t want them to feel left out, but we’re having a heck of a time. Any suggestions on a fun job for boys under 8 would be greatly appreciated!

Carley – Maid of Honor, Jim – Groomsman

Phil – Best Man

Rob – Groom! <3, Christopher – Groomsman, Brian – Groomsman

Cory – Bridesmaid? lol, Mandy – Bride!

Kapitola – Junior Bridesmaid

Skylar – Junior Bridemaid

Lexi – Flower Girl

Braedon – Ring Bearer

I’m really glad that this is one more thing I can cross off my list though. I’ve been going up, down , back and forth on what to do with the wedding party and I’m pretty excited to check it off my list 🙂


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