Rob and Mandy's Wedding Extravaganza………….. May 26, 2012

Blogging my way to our wedding day.

100 Days to Go – Really? Yikes! February 16, 2012

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What a milestone! It seems like only yesterday that our countdown was over 340 days! I can’t believe that 100 days from now I will be marrying my best friend ๐Ÿ™‚ A lot of things have been coming together lately, but there is still SO much to do! I have somewhere around 930 cranes finished, so that project is nearly into the next phase (stringing and hanging), we have around 80 wedding favors completely finished, and Rob has begun making our invitations (and promises they will be ready to be mailed the first week of March). That’s really all I have for tonight, I mostly just wanted to mark the 100 days to go marker ๐Ÿ™‚ Bring on the double digits!!!


146 Days to Go – It’s 2012! January 1, 2012

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It’s finally here! The year we are going to get married! It’s so exciting and yet a bit panic-inducing :). There just under 5 months to go now and there’s a lot of things that should already be finished that aren’t…I’m trying not to be too worried though, I know it will all come together and be spectacular. Since I’ve gone awhile without posting a blog (yet again, I’m really terrible at these things), let’s do a little recap of what we’ve accomplished lately.

I’ve acquired a decent amount of silk flowers using money that I made selling jewelry on Etsy. We asked Rob’s (and soon to be my) cousins to be flower girls (there will be 3, and I think it will be so much fun). We are still trying to find a fun way to include two young boys in the wedding somehow as well, it wouldn’t feel right to leave them out. We found our photographer. We signed the contract with our DJ. We survived Christmas! All positive and awesome things ๐Ÿ™‚

Rob actually went to college with our photographer, which makes it that much cooler because they already know each other! I’ve followed their work for awhile now because I’m a photography buff myself and they do great things ๐Ÿ™‚ He and his wife (they work as a team) came down from Wisconsin a few weeks ago to meet with us. What great people! I couldn’t be happier. They stayed for awhile and chatted with us and we all went out to dinner. It was really nice to gain that familiarity, so much better than having someone you barely know following you around on your big day! If you want to check out their work, head over to !

Our DJ has a pretty neat backstory as well! He’s actually been Rob’s family’s insurance agent ever since he and his brother were kids! Apparently he does a lot of musical things on the side including playing the guitar. We sat down and had a really long meeting with him at his office after hours and I think he’s going to do a fantastic job. He claims to have a gift for keeping people on the dance floor all night long, so it should be fun! His DJ business is called BK Music and is based in South Elgin, I tried to find a website but I think he hasn’t quite made it to the internet yet :).

At any rate, that’s 2 really big things checked off of our to-do list! I’m super excited, and I think May is going to be here in the blink of an eye…

Happy 2012 everyone!


232 Days to Go – Save-the-Dates October 7, 2011

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Well, I haven’t had much to write about over the last few weeks. I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my jewelry and managing my online shops trying to prepare for Christmas. I’m really hoping that my Christmas sales will be high this year since every penny will be going toward the wedding ๐Ÿ™‚

Sooo….meanwhile. We’ve been almost finished with our Save-the-dates for several weeks now hehe. For some reason we just couldn’t seem to sit down and put the last 8 or so together. Well, Rob finally finished making the invites and after a few more days of procrastinating I finished writing out the addresses in calligraphy. Hurray! So keep your eyes open, they’ll be in the mail soon!

Now to stop putting off working on the wedding favors…..


299 Days to Go – Invitation Colaboration August 1, 2011

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Now that we’ve picked our dream wedding venue, Rob and I seem to have gone full-tilt into wedding mode. Over the last couple of days our wedding invitations have begun to take shape. For my part of the project, I did a watercolor painting of a cherry blossom branch, incorporating our colors of teal, pink and brown. Rob then scanned the painting into the computer and is using the image on both the inside and outside of the invitation. He came up with a really badass design/layout! I would post a picture of it here…but it’ll be more fun to see them when they come in the mail :). I’ll definitely put a photo up after they go out. Now that we pretty much have the main design down, next he’ll be working on the Save-the-Dates. Hopefully we can start getting thoseย  mailed out soon. We want the people that have to travel from out of state to have as much advance notice as possible, especially since it will be during a holiday weekend. In the mean time, we are so excited with the way things are coming together, and we can’t wait to share it with everyone!

PS. This is not my painting by the way ๐Ÿ™‚


308 Days to Go – Searching For the Perfect Venue July 23, 2011

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We are going nuts trying to find a place to have both our wedding and reception, preferably at the same place, or at least nearby. We want to get married outside, but have the reception indoors to avoid bugs and whatnot. We’ve been starting to get a lot of flyers in the mail for beautiful (and crazy expensive) venues, and we’ve been doing a lot of online searching. We are starting to agree on a price range…or at least one that seems slightly less painful than what seems to be the ‘standard’ for wedding prices around here. It’s pretty much a certainty that we won’t be able to have the wedding or reception anywhere near St. Charles because it will never be anywhere near our budget. Unfortunately we aren’t dripping with money and able to drop a minimum of $10k on a damn reception lol….So, we are taking our search out a little further.

Rob was lucky enough to be able to get this coming Wednesday off of work so that we can actually have a day off together. That hasn’t happened since before Easter because of my crazy weekend work schedule (the weekends are the busiest time for cake decorators). We have a couple of places that we want to check out already, and we’re working on coming up with some more. We really need to squeeze the most out of Wednesday that we can!


321 Days to Go – Sticker Shock July 10, 2011

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Ok, so we’ve started looking into where we want to have this shindig, and I don’t know if it’s because we live in St. Charles or what….but oh my GOD are these places expensive! Is it too much to ask to have my wedding in a lovely place without starting this new chapter of our lives severely in debt?? At this point, looking at places that charge ‘by the head’, I’m thinking we might allow like 20 people to come haha! Plus, most places want you to buy their big package deals that include things like the cake, centerpieces, and some of the decor. What if I don’t want that garbage? Just give me some damn tables, chairs and maybe some food and let me handle the rest! Ugh…now I’m thinking about how much everything is going to cost that DOESN’T involve rental fees.


I know that not a lot of people read my little blogs, but I’m really in need of some suggestions on how to keep us out of the poorhouse without eloping ๐Ÿ˜›

Here are the things we know. We are not religious and as such we do not want a church wedding. We’d love to be outside, near some sort of water if possible (river, lake, pond, what have you).ย  An indoor/covered (like gazebo or pavilion) option would be great too incase of rain. The reception doesn’t have to be outside (I’d almost prefer not having to deal with bugs and what not). That’s about it.ย  We’ve been looking at some pretty Japanese gardens, but they all want you to call for pricing, which is scary. We also considered having the reception in our backyard, but by the time you rent tents, chairs, tables and pay for catering, you are in the same price range as the indoor halls. Also, parking would be a nightmare since we live on a culdesac. I think the backyard reception is basically out lol.

We need to win the lottery….but then again, I still don’t think we’d feel right blowing it all on a wedding!


341 Days To Go – Starting to Think About the Guest List June 20, 2011

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So, as anyone that knows me already knows, I moved to Illinois to be with Rob in September 2009. It was a big decision, but certainly not the most difficult one I’ve ever had to make.ย  I love Rob more than I ever thought I could love another human being, and I love my life here. The only crappy thing is that all of my family and some of my friends are back in Ohio. I say ‘some’ because most of my friends moved away in the first few years following highschool, which is a bummer in itself. It seems like I was one of the last ones to fly the coop lol.

Given the fact that the closest family/friends I have are 5hrs away and the furthest are MUCH further than that…I’m left wondering how many seats are going to be filled on the bride’s side? It’s kind of depressing when I think about it. My family seems to be, well for lack of a better phrase, falling apart at the seams. It’s like ever since my grandparents passed away, and even a little before that, my family has been growing further and further apart. Some have passed away, some have gone through messy divorces, others have gone a bit crazy, some are older and don’t like to travel, some have gotten bitter, some have been in and out of jail, one keeps almost getting sent to Afghanistan (and she damn well better not be before the wedding!!), and still others have just grown distant because of growing older, having kids and living their own lives.

Because of things like this, I’m really curious about who will actually want to make the journey to wherever we decide to have the wedding here in Illinois. I suppose we could have it in Ohio…but one side of our families is going to have to travelย  no matter what, and if we have it in Ohio so that it’s Rob’s side that has to do the traveling, that means that I’ll be planning a wedding from from a distance. There’s no way I can transport all of the things I want to make myself (including the cake!), and there’s no way I can check out venues for the wedding/reception. So that’s why it wasn’t a very difficult choice to decide to have the wedding here.

But honestly, who is going to come? The only people I know for sure are my own family lol. One thing is for damn sure, I’ll be sending out invitations to everyone I can think of, even if I haven’t seen them for awhile because I still love and miss all my friends and family. But, one thing is also for sure, if you don’t send back an RSVP you don’t get dinner lol.


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