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173 Days to Go – A Flower Breakthrough! December 5, 2011

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So awhile ago I posted a picture that I created of the type of bouquet I want to carry ( Since then, I’ve been going crazy trying to find someone that sells Real Touch waterlilies (since I’m super picky and only want something that looks real). I scoured places like Hobby Lobby and JoAnn Fabrics and found nothing. At Michael’s I did manage to find Real Touch waterlilies but they were only available in ivory :(. I began Googling my brains out thinking for sure that the internet would be overflowing with the kinds of flowers I wanted. Sadly I only found a couple of sites that were selling them by the stem, and a few more that only sold them in bulk (100+, yikes!).

One of the sites I was particularly drawn to had amazing waterlilies that were $12.88 each (but supposedly retailing for $18.99 each). It seemed like too much to pay, especially after factoring in the shipping (which was totally unreasonable). The other site had water lilies that came in bundles. There were two fully bloomed lilies and one bud for $6.40. They weren’t Real Touch, but they looked close enough from what I could tell from the photos. However, by the time I saved up enough money (from selling jewelry) to buy them, the listing was taken down :(. After this I started giving up  hope. I decided that I would have to just accept the fact that using different flowers was my only option.

I started picking up some flowers here and there that had a nice realistic look to them. And then, while I was randomly searching for pink Real Touch flowers online, I came across a photo of a Real Touch waterlily! Lo and behold, someone was selling them, and on Etsy of all places! It seemed to good to be true, but it wasn’t! So, thanks to Carol over at, I now have 6 gorgeous pink Real Touch waterlily stems 🙂 I am seriously so thrilled. It’s so satisfying to have things come together like that :). Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, Carol was sweet enough to send me a beautiful assortment of seashells as a little wedding gift 🙂 I really do love the people I run into on Etsy, it’s such a great community ❤


262 Days to Go – Everyone Loves a Great Deal! September 7, 2011

So I have this wonderful friend named Carley, and she just called me from her local Michaels store to tell me that they are having a moving sale. Apparently they are taking 50% off the lowest ticketed prices, awesome! She found a coordinated set of wedding goodies that includes a garter, pen set, guest book, ring pillow and flower basket….all for only $6! She asked if I wanted her to pick it up, and for that price how could I say no?! The brown satin ribbon fits right into our color scheme and I can always add my own personal touches to make it unique.

We hung up so that she could pay for everything and then call me back. When she called the first thing she said was, “Are you sitting down?” and started laughing. She said I would never guess how much she ended up paying for that set. I laughed and figured it must have been 50% off of the $6. Nope. It rang up for 1 cent! Apparently since it rang up for that price the cashier had to honor it! HA! How stinking awesome is that?! I think those sets normally run around $25 +. Needless to say, her little random adventure to Michaels has made both of our days :). We’ll definitely have to head there again when I go hang out with her on Friday 🙂 Who knows what kind of wacky deals we’ll find!

Thanks again Carley ❤

UPDATE: I checked out my Michaels store to see how much this set actually goes for and I couldn’t believe my eyes!


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