Rob and Mandy's Wedding Extravaganza………….. May 26, 2012

Blogging my way to our wedding day.

About Me August 26, 2009

I consider myself a quirky person, bordering on the edge of being weird. Luckily for me, I’ve already found my soul mate and he doesn’t seem to mind. Of course he’s a few shades from normal in his own right…so we complete each other pretty perfectly. He once told me, “I love you more than rednecks love Nascar…” to which I replied, “Well I love you more than monkeys love flinging poo…”. So ya, we are pretty silly 🙂 And we are both artistic, and we have similar tastes in just about everything, which is completely awesome.

I’ve really come to love creating beautiful jewelry for people (and myself) to wear, but my greatest love is still photography. There is just something so special to me about catching little moments in time. Our memories are our greatest treasures, and photographs are a huge part of ensuring the longevity of those memories. You can never have enough photos of loved ones and special events. I’m also a huge fan of taking a closer look at things, especially things that people would normally look right past without a second glance.

Through this blog I hope to document my journey toward becoming a married woman.  At any rate there will surely be lots of photographs involved 😉



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