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Blogging my way to our wedding day.

How Etsy is Helping With Our Wedding November 30, 2011

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I’ve decided to document the purchases I make with the money I’ve made through Etsy so that anyone that is curious can see where the money is going 🙂 I’ll keep updating this post as I buy new things.

Silk Cherry Blossom Branches from World Market $77


192 Days to Go – Getting Back Into Action November 16, 2011

Wow, it’s been awhile since I posted a blog! But at the same time, it’s been awhile since we’ve actually done anything new with our wedding. We sent the save-the-dates out (finally) a few weeks ago, so that’s good! Other than that, we’ve been taking a bit of a break from working on things. I’ve been staying busy trying to make extra money by selling things on my Etsy shop. This is my busiest time of the year, and it takes up a lot of my time. But it’s all for a good cause! I usually use all the extra money to buy Christmas presents, but this year we are going to go a bit light on the gift-giving and I’ll be putting everything I make toward the wedding.

So, at any rate, I had a breakthrough with flowers for our centerpieces tonight! We were wandering around in World Market and I saw a branch of white cherry blossoms in a display for a table setting. I loved the way they looked, except for the fact that they were white. So we headed back to the actual flower department and I crossed my fingers hoping they would have a pink version. They did…sort of. It was a really unnatural-looking dark burgundy sort of color :(. But at only $7.99 for a branch, I refused to accept defeat! I decided to buy a branch of the white blossoms and see if I could color them myself. When I got home, I added a little pink paint to some water and tried brushing it on the petals. It did exactly what I hoped it would! It sucked right into the petal, it was just like working with watercolor paper! So I proceeded to hand-paint each petal of every blossom on the branch. After an hour of painting (while watching one of our favorite tv shows, Dexter) I had a cherry blossom branch that I was proud of :). Now I just have to figure out how many of those I need so I can dig in!

Here is the original flower color.

This shows how the water spreads once it touches the petal.

Here is a finished blossom 🙂

Here is a wider shot of a few blossoms


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